Dream Space LIVE Events

Our Dream Space LIVE events allow classrooms across Ireland to join in bespoke interactive Dream Space events to explore STEM and digital learning in a new way over the course of the academic year. These events often correspond with themed educational weeks… but sometimes we like doing them just for fun too!
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Learn new things with Dream Space LIVE

Even if your class has worked with us before, or you have done lots of STEM activity in your school, all of our LIVE events are bespoke and customised differently each time so you can tune in with your class of new learners or returning Dream Space afficionados – all are welcome.

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Dream Space LIVE for the ages (and ages)

Our Dream Space LIVE events are free of charge and aimed at supporting students and teachers in primary, post-primary, library and youth group settings. Each event will have an overview of what is being covered, the audience that would be most suitable (based on age range or experience) and highlight the easy way in which you can bring us all the way from Dream Space (and our ‘Stream Space’) into your classroom. We keep these events learner-centred and interactive to ensure engagement stays high and learning remains front and centre.

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Dream Space LIVE events will be available via our Upcoming Events page and are outlined a month in advance in our Dream Space newsletter

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